Watered-Down Clauses

Roll up my sleeves & dig in my heels
running on distilled willpower
throwing logic & reason out an open window
and into the streets below

The match is lit & ready for the fire
commensurate with a burning desire
and an appetite for further exploration
into a future unfolding as yet undiscovered
among the ashes of yesterdays long gone

Specifics blend into indifference
features become indistinct
assurances fly into the early morning mist
with their own constant drip… drip… drip…

Noble Themes & Lofty Dreams

I dream in thoughts
… eggs scrambled or fried-over-easy …
a composition of words with purpose
draining off excess verbiage,
attuned to philosophical pursuits
expressing motives & means
and the importance of abstractions
attendant to a central plot,
imagining a new & improved experience
for life & death on Mother Earth
partnered with God for inspiration,
questioning the validity of my take on perception,
chilled by unbridled ramifications
of opposing schools of thought
dancing with the devil’s surrogate
ridiculously close to annihilation of the planet,
much to the chagrin of a living, breathing Universe
as a world on the Eve of Destruction

[this song referred to the Vietnam War]