Sensory-Input & Mass-Media

How many restless days have passed?
How much neglect must the weary ones endure?
I hear the ticking clock, drowning out unpleasant thoughts
darkening my door, invading the space between my ears

I hear the sound of distant laughter
– mocking me, teasing me, enticing me to join in –
until the bless’d end of this,
the long & bitter journey to the pinnacle of success,
a tough challenge to my most trusting nature

In a world of give & take & bloody fights,
God recording the minutes of a meeting of the Minds,
sectioning-off societal misfits
poisoning the broth of negotiations
yielding answers destined to save us from ourselves

Problematic Quests

Let’s talk of miracles as broadly defined
Some may pooh-pooh the very thought
But I have an idea they’re more common than not
Some say they’re daily occurrences from dawn to dusk
Often enough they’ve saved my sorry butt
from drowning in tears or burning in Hell’s fire
And I’ve been in tight jams even my best tricks couldn’t fix
without divine guidance in the mix to assist

When Blessed by Time

Mothered by Father Time
I’ve acquired the necessary tools for success or failure

On the one hand
– implements of self-alienation –
not knowing whom to trust
when the weight of the world crushes my spirit
leaving me prone to impulsive behavior

On the flipside of the coin
– I decide when & where to bargain with fools –
taking pleasure in the ways & means of self-satisfaction
getting my jollies taking the upper hand in battle
carrying a whip & chain
to tame the opposition into compliance