“Achieving Sanity” [a new project]

[An autobiographical study in Self-Discovery]

Mission Statement:

“I have long held a vision that I could help make a positive difference in the lives of others and, by the same token, exert an altering influence on the World we share and in which we may jointly improve the human condition.”

© Emma Beane

‘Special Knowledge’

In praise of Spirits tangible
… both present and ancestral …
Sparks of energetic sustenance
… indicative of a healthy wealth of Soul …


Energy flows
… igniting fires …
… moving mountains …
… curtains drawn …
… seas revealed …
… Lives entwine …


[“Energy flows” is from my first collection of Poetry – 
Self-Portrait: All Our Faces and A Few Stray Thoughts]

Needful, Way Back When…

I experienced hearing the Music of the Spheres
in an altered State of Mind
Saw many wondrous sights & insights
from all the little lights

From patterns in everything
I found laughter for the first time
hidden in my psyche
for as long as I could remember

From a tragic youth, I blossomed
and found release for my inner voice
dying to be heard



I learned that speaking to god is easy
but the response sometimes hard to fathom
For god has a difficult mind
and it’s often hard to follow
when he strays from my decided path
leaving me in total confusion
ever changing the rules of misconduct