Perplexed & Flexing One’s Muscle

Loathing or Loving,
which is it to be?
Mud or sand beneath your feet,
your choice?

Salvation or damnation,
manifestations of how you live in this life!

Going with the flow, or battling with strife
on uncertain terms with your god,
confident or immature in one’s actions,
overly excitable either way!

Running on Battery Power

Seeking the lion’s share of excitement,
crisscrossing a jungle of rare enticements
uplifting or tantalizing to the Spirit,
left feeling the strengths & weaknesses
focusing on the moment I first set sights on Paradise
reliving the sensibilities of Rapture,
again & again,
giving vital restorative energies a chance to flow freely,
in effect,
not unlike a mindful & bodily recharge

The Best Is Yet to Come

Yesterday is as long a time as history,
the future begs for attention, in what we do & say…
Meanwhile, my needs are met for today

And it is with wonder I await tomorrow
with its universal sway of emotion,
moving the immovable into action
getting into the ‘swing of things’
avoiding redundant behaviors
where it comes to measuring progress,
evading ‘normalcy’ gone wrong,
weighing the damages of inaction
while individualistically striving for excellence
with a positive demeanor to stand on
conforming to the image of ‘heroes’,
‘gods’ , if I may aptly say,
as champions  of change for-the-better


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I’ll stop at nothing to have it my way
(or so I pretend)
day after day,
as night passes away
to shed new light on the same old sameness
freshening insight and blame,
playing a  new game with no motivation to succeed
other than to be the curiosity that’s me
throwing stones into the ocean,
making waves,
and Grandfather Clock keeping time
in the universal flow of emotion
with hope and indebtedness pulling their weight
in Mother Nature’s godly plan
keeping Mankind’s survival priority one

Ulterior Motives

Ill-equipped for failure,
plummeting headlong into the abyss
where daemons & champions coexist
and friendships & loyalties turn hit or miss

The heart screams with discontent,
“help me, please, help me!”
for I’m in a rut, thinking of eternal mystery
where even the blind can see
the comings & goings of war & peace
timed according to need
while gods hear the common-most plea
“saints be praised, redeem me!”
for nothing is as it seems

Heroes Are Hard to Come By

Catholicism was a required course of study
Grades 5 thru 8 in parochial school,
closely examining the history of religion
challenging the mysteries of popular belief
offered by scholars of biblical thought

At university I turned to mysticism
and the sciences of psychology,
to understand the workings of the human mind
and the advancement of self-control
in critical thinking as applied to the real world

Embracing advances in medicine & its uses
the unbelievable turned credible,
recognizing need in a fast-paced society
subjected to scrutiny with a discerning eye,
true heroes take on the appearance of godliness