Proudly, Wear Each, Your Badge of Courage

Indisposed characterization,
devils faulted, playing a nonsense blame-game,
stripped of their sense of self-respect
in the eye of these, the Beholders

Impaired self-importance, impugned, with
fame called into question, disputed & unclear,
beyond the early years –
solo a no-go overinflated ego,
His part played out in one night
fated, jaded, out of sync –
misgiven over-exposure nipped in the bud,
the dawn just begun

Wearing each, our badge of courage,
my solitary journey has reached Destination
each ‘one’ now a part of the ‘whole’
in sync with ‘The One & Only’ GOD


Until I emerge smelling fragrant as a rose…

You’ll rue this day I finally say “You’re not here in my heart”
You been into shinin’ me on – so long, punishing me,
“I’ll be gone tomorrow”…

So long, adios – you been wrong about my role,
“All you had to do was wait!” I now heard you to say,
fully addressed as an impossibility, a hard lesson in Life –

It was never meant as a match made in Heaven,
rather my entrance into your private Hell
until such time as I could hold a candle in the dark
and see you for whom you truly are…
a castoff set adrift in a storm of resolve


UP THE GARDEN PATH – [book excerpts]

© 2017 Emma Beane


Misfortune settled into my bones
one fretful yet fascinating afternoon
where I saw too much
to quibble over details
of mind & matter, destiny or death
and sentimental ups & downs
seen a little out of focus
in a place where God is king & kin


Over Under Around & Through

My thoughts run like sounding crazy
– off their long leash –
but hey – after all
I’m just a poet
molding clay into formation
layer by layer
proving its worth 10 times over


Can you dig it?

I dig at the truth
to break it down to edible bites
of science & philosophy
mystery & logic in equivalent proportions

… and although I may be wrong in some regards
I present myself most convincingly
instinct guiding unpredictably

I wouldn’t purposely mislead cultured men
(ain’t no smooth-talking son of a goat)
and we don’t know what tomorrow will unveil
taking leave of our sense of misdirection
to follow the balance of options


Needle in a Haystack

Were you witness to my disappearing act –
why not take a seat & enjoy the show
of hands across the table of necessity

Bending a fork into a serviceable tool
I dig in my garden planting seeds
while burying what’s better forgotten

Encased in concerns mysterious in nature
I’m neither magician nor fool
escaping thru a door in the damn floor


Fuel for the Fire

I’m jamming my words together
hammering thoughts onto paper
spilling my marbles haphazardly
shaping a dream into what matters most
– a unified cry for fair exchange –
“Oh, good lord”, I probe again, “why me?”
. . .
Have ruffled a few feathers
by the by – in my lifetime
seeking sustenance in justice
where there was none to be found
breaking new ground
in need of a viable plan
for our future
sanctioned by God & all his good Men



Humor me – seriously
don’t take offense
Sit with me for a spell
Open your eyes
See inside
I’ve nothing to hide
but potential


My Knight, My Lord

In the dark of night
I need your guiding light
My Love for you has no bounds
it’s magic, you’ll surely come to see
commissioning an image of delight
in the flow of our desire
in the before and everafter
shielded by the cloak of our amour


Partnered With the Universe

 played the fool to your Romeo,
Maid Marion to your King of Nottingham,
a princess to your Jekyll & Hyde,
Fairy Godmother to a toothless child,
and a joker in tune to the beating of drums,
taking helpless strides in the wrong direction


The Rose Garden of Life

Overexposed & indolent by nature
conceived & controlled by destiny
Interlocking parts of torn hearts
victimized by untimely events

Leafing thru pages of unpublished poesy
trying to make a difference
in my own simple way with words

Surviving on a shoestring budget of time
relying on my sixth sense of right & wrong
hanging in the balance
avoiding the thorns of life under glass


The Long & Short of It

Time is as short as the day is long
but the future is everlasting

The enemy is strong
but their inhibitions are lacking
their agenda self-serving
further weakened by
an ill-gotten belief of supremacy

the righteous cry in their beer
setting up snares to recapture control
for the weary wanderers
long on patience


Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy Ball

I relapse into silence
shouldering the brunt
of responsibilities & disdain
till I become but a brittle shell
ready to crack under the stress
overwhelmed by reality
left bawling my eyes out
with fear & anticipation
– don’t know if I’m coming or going –
so I’ll just say, Aloha


Give a Hoot

Sitting in my easy chair
reflecting on complexities of unnatural existence
dispensing with difficulties firsthand,
(all things having to do with expediency)
splitting hairs 3-dimensionally,
when presented with peculiarities
of time & place on this earthly plane,
grieving fallen heroes
medical miracles could not save


Hail! Hail! Insanity!

Easily entertained, Self-contained
A little deranged
Off-hand curiosity to contend
Puns for a bit of mystery
A ready excuse for any- & every-thing


This Love So Real

I serve no higher purpose
than loving you
scaring myself with its intensity
and breadth
emotionally charged
largely imposing & confident
in its origin
from the first spark
to the last burning ember
finding its center
forever indebted to You
my Friends


From My Head to Your Heart

Robert re-entered my life
it was the end of Summer 1992
all I had to do was pick up a phone
and this is what follows:

You’ve always shone a stimulating light
– my friend – my lover – my knight –
my tower of power & my stabilizer
– I don’t bitch & you don’t bark –

You don’t like me to cry, but you hear me out
ready to make the wrongs right
– surely uncommon among the male populace –
a trustworthy companion & confidant
– and I hold you  above all others in my heart –


Philosophical Entreaty

I don’t love an undeserving enemy,
as ‘the way’ the bible teaches,
(sometimes pity is a better choice of words)
for they breed misery & mayhem
in their disturbing ways & habits.
I can overcome hate, given time & situation.

(enemies abound in different garb)

Some people do change, but some not soon enough.
I’d pull the switch myself on the deserving guilty
without hesitation in the blink of an eye.

I know the drill
and I won’t risk the consequences.
Rules can fluctuate within limits, are pliable,
and continuously seem to rearrange
into a new book of canons.

(and we must learn those limits)

Certainly, as a prime example,
a lawman has the right to maim a perpetrator.
But too often, they aim to kill, the way a good soldier would,
but crime is not always a call to war.

(this may be over the top, but I hope not)
My apologies to anyone I may offend.


Dear Diary… 09 May 2017

Don’t worry,
in such a hurry,
running helter-skelter,
for clear resolution takes its own sweet time
And some days I still wonder,
“for gods’ sake, why try!”

Let loose my spirit to roam the vast unknown
but Darling, please, don’t let go
for I’m in the eternal deep, and
most certainly, my watch dog never sleeps,
circumventing the unfavorable pitfalls
of life’s challenge


My Strength & My Weakness

Take my hand but don’t command me,
in matters of the heart
Waken my soul to its full potential,
your trust is safe with me
It feels so right to customize my life,
so there’s always room for you
I rely on faith to carry me through,
a bitter child no longer
My life would hold no rhyme or reason,
if found without you in it


Distraught & Incoherent

My mind’s foreign inhabitant entered my reality in 1982.
I came to believe in otherworldly things
and the devil laid his hands on me.
I was tortured to a point beyond rationality,
where laughing & crying became interchangeable
and I couldn’t distinguish between one & the other.

My life became servile to attendant hallucinations,
auditory, visual & tactile.
My daemon captor would promise,
“I’ll be gone tomorrow,” a clever lie testing my gullibility,
until it became an inside joke
beyond hope of ever coming true.



I am screaming from up a willow tree
cut down in my prime, but
cradled in your loving arms, Most Dear,
my safe place & the answer to my humble prayer.


Heavy Heart, Open Hand

I tap into my brain where thoughts play…
Some guiding-principles,
relayed head-to-head,
hand over my heart…
Some humorous lines, self-contained…

The roller coaster ride of my life has had its perks,
its ups & downs taken in stride…
Laughing or crying,
I had to make things work…

If I can only rest, reassured of cause & effect,
with you trying to view matters from my perspective,
with a show of hands,
resting palm-up,
eyes turned toward The Heavens


Singing Along Off-Key

Understandably shy, who am I
– someone you dreamed up?
– a consequence of my nightmares?
– the B-side of a hit single!
– a damsel in comely dress!
– a woman who has seen much!
– a drummed-up experimenter,
dabbling in painting life as I live it!


God & The Universe

Considering crisscrossed beliefs of Gods & The Universe,
without disregard for their interchangeable presence
in & around all things beheld as sacred,
all I can say is “I do Believe…”



To live within favorable circumstance
has always been my forte,
the best it could be for the times,
& moving on along when situations call for change.

Sometimes I journeyed alone,
about all I could utilize to suit my needs.
Co-workers became friends
but I had no confidant other than head doctors.

I’ve built a few castles but only one remains,
steadfast & strong, where I belong,
nurturing growth for tomorrows yet to come,
unraveling & reweaving in our search
for fertile common ground.


What It Is to Be Me

If I’m a burden to your brain…
If I’ve made some costly mistakes…
If I can learn to differentiate…

If only I could pass the buck, higher up the chain…
If only I had no past such as mine…
If only I could see the future…

Maybe then I’d have knowledge, sufficient to be me.
Of course no one knows to what end is life’s true measure.

“Achieving Sanity” [a new project]

[An autobiographical study in Self-Discovery]

Mission Statement:

“I have long held a vision that I could help make a positive difference in the lives of others and, by the same token, exert an altering influence on the World we share and in which we may jointly improve the human condition.”

© Emma Beane

‘Special Knowledge’

In praise of Spirits tangible
… both present and ancestral …
Sparks of energetic sustenance
… indicative of a healthy wealth of Soul …


Energy flows
… igniting fires …
… moving mountains …
… curtains drawn …
… seas revealed …
… Lives entwine …


[“Energy flows” is from my first collection of Poetry – 
Self-Portrait: All Our Faces and A Few Stray Thoughts]