Sealed With a Kiss

The language of love is an art I’ve never mastered
but I comprehend its concepts quite well

I express my love thru actions beyond reproach
& terms of endearment roll easy off the tongue

I don’t require roses & chocolates in return
to demonstrate the depth of your love for me

Head-to-head & hand-in-hand, never demanding,
we take on life, laughing in love unending

Achievement Is the Sweetest Reward

Disappointment runs high
when first learning to fly
Just spread your wings
and vow to try harder next time

Reward & pleasure can be doubly sweet
when tackling defeat head-on
and embracing possibilities with all your might

Quit groping in the dark
do you dare to lower your guard
and not accept no for a final answer
unless ready to face the consequences
of taking the easy way out

A Higher Order

I’ve got this gut feeling that never subsides,
livid, demanding & unsettling in nature
But who’s to say I stand alone as the accused,
without principles to guide my every move

Fact & fiction collide in my mind,
and I can’t decipher the secret code
that rattles my brain & my inner child,
tossing loose change into the wishing well

Only history may reveal the sordid details
of life dependent on the mystery of time,
wheeling & dealing on a budget