Addressing pressing obligations…

There seems no rhyme or reason
in the passing of the seasons
alone in my room
hearing chatter on the television
sorting out the clutter in my head

Passing bucks to the cashier
for necessities & whatnots
come to find fulfillment
in a coat of fresh paint
masking the ravages of time

. . . . .

… slipping comfortably into my consciousness …
… beside myself with pride …

Where are you going child?

Do tell, from where you come.
From a walk down the centerline
to the corner & back
then once around the block
I come.
Proverbial climbs amid skirmishes
battling for priorities & fair recompense
for the deeds that I have done
in accordance with my nature.

But to answer your question –
I honestly don’t know… can’t say…
because I just don’t really know the why
& the times, they are still changing…