The Collective Mind

Many of the thoughts that entertain my mind have been learned. I ascribe to the concept of the “Noosphere” which I discovered during my college years among the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – the collective mind as resulting from the Evolution of Man.

— I may seek permission from the publisher to post some quotes later

A Brief Encounter – [TBT]

So short
but ever consequential
the down-slide of my life
yet truth inflamed, indelible

I relish the thought

I take a laughing stance
so rare then, but not now
an objective in the distance
of affection, leaving
a lasting impression

Infusion of rejection
A time of faith ensuing

* [from my work in progress, “24: The Other Side of the Mountain” 2014]

We must each act out our part…

I believe we’re the end result of evolution
brains developing even as we speak
into the reaches of mind over matter.
It would appear we’re all survivors
of one challenge or another
varying by degree & intensity.
Do you call it ludicrous or something to chew on?