4 October, Last Time Sober

Upon opening my eyes to the dark
comes a groping, menacing mirage
evil spirits of the night
pawing at me with dozens of hands
in flight
hoping for my life to cease
and I know now, I’ll not die of fright
with that foreboding of a bad end
in giving up before it’s time

Presumption is my enemy
orbiting the globe with synchronous timing
two shorts, one longing, with or without rhyming
all-the-while calling your name gruffly
reminded of that once-upon-a-time
that fleeting moment of gifted union
and the blessings of god ever on the mind

Guiding Light

Why spread this insanity beyond my front door
begging for more time to settle the score
innate genius manipulating the strings
improvising scenes to my personal tastes
leaving this despicable place in disgrace
caught up in the passing light of a silvery moon
crossing thru the garden gate
and back to my solitude