And… In the End

Mysteries come a-callin’
lectors mentioning my name
masturbation without shame

Finding the gate locked
go ‘round to the service entrance
and, oh yeah
don’t forget the dance-steps
to a favorite song

Muscular incentives
The Dawn of Man
rugged individuals
devising a working plan
for industry & travel
on this tenuous journey
of the naked Mind

… Sighed the Snake

Snake, where do you come from
& where is it you go to from here?
Where’s the rock under which you hide
ready to strike, at unsuspecting innocents?

Changeable demeanor, in your deck of cards
Misbehavin’, poisoning the facts of life
Deception in your bag of tricks
Loathsome misfits of society

No honor among thieves
nothing good up their sleeves
caught with their pants down
when formal attire defines the night


Compromising moments
10-9-8… and so on
it’s time for letting go

The wind is high – the air crisp
The brook is babbling & then it’s gone
And all the while we stand & think
just how to forge reality
with all its perks & policies, long overdue

Patience is a blessing of the past
Stamina intact & counting-up