What Follows?

The things I take for granted are few
worked hard for all I’ve got

A dying man’s final confessions
solve another puzzle in his struggles
as he ceases to breathe in this existence
and passes on to The Next

One’s legacy speaks for itself
a drop of clarity ensues
following a well-spent life
stripped of further influence
and the truths that guide us all
loosen the noose that threatens me

What follows
could be nothing at all in a bad dream

The Quest: For Peace

Genius never sleeps
It takes a rest from all the ignorance
surrounding inner strength
with shield & armament
for fighting for good cause
where peace is at a minimum
for the common man

God shapes the mind of Man
to fit the profile
visions of scavengers for freedom
wandering in our midst
and all the bits & pieces of breaking hearts
studying experience for all it has to teach

The cemetery is full of broke-down bodies
mausoleum & wax museum house the sane
for insanity is the best way to pass time
as bodies in the morgue wait for dissection

Unconditional surrender
– nothing less will ever do –
as applied to everyday happenstance

Myself & I Implore

Am I not worthy
of your energies
a passing thought
a blip on your radar
a skipped beat of your heart
a space to moor my boat awhile
and pass the time of day
exchanging pleasantries
of varying degrees
knocking on Heaven’s door
for entry & beyond
shed of age-old boundaries
among the sky’s limits
hiding from who I am
when I’m not myself