We May Say in Chorus, “Why Me?”

The man who can’t be killed
opts for a natural death

Once opened,
the door to this line of questioning is open for good,
to someone sitting in the witness box
swearing to the truth

I’ve got a burden on my back
looking toward the future, an eager beaver
with a cat’s-eye view of the past
feverish with the power of free thought

History has gone so wrong
needing a band-aid to plug the dam

Don’t Mind Me – Just Call Me Crazy 8’s

Don’t ask me why I trust I know – it just feels so good
Don’t ask why I ‘toe the line’
but it’s high time we put in our two-cents worth

The truth of the matter is, everyone counts for something
and I dare not care to love every one

I’m left crying in my beer
dragging my ass across the finished line
with my head in a sling of victory
and ‘the mysteries’ on my mind, consuming me

Kingdom Come

We mustn’t allow history to repeat itself…
Tolerance is one of a few necessities…
Intolerance too, when due…
I’ll go my way & you go yours…

The music gods came first
like Pied Pipers with song & verse,
idealists exposing what they saw
thru their third eye:
There will be days of wine & roses…