Setting Goals

I’m not one to make speeches
… follow the one who is as he preaches …
for Love loves the strong of heart
… goal-driven from the start …

I can still recall my goals as a youth
… just to say hello to one stranger …
pulling thoughts from my muddled brain
… if only I could learn the rules of my game …

These days I feel fortunate
… I don’t wear war paint …
I’ve lost some of my luster
… the polish on the inside all I can muster …


“I’m busy, but talk to me anyway”
says he to she
“I’ll be working on this project all day it seems
yet I’m in need of a little of your company”

Meanwhile I’m balancing the books
polishing my hooks
& practicing all my funny looks

Facing straight ahead standing on a turntable
I see much of what surrounds me
doing what must be done
one step at a time

Problem Solving

I was raised to eat everything on my plate
– like it or not –
I see life in much the same way
– accepting of good or bad alike –

Altering situations to suit my tastes
I seized custody of my mind
a problem child, healing at a gingerly pace
reaching guided conclusions studied at length
in a departure from the norm
– a body of truth proven in action –
My agnostic thinking converted to belief
in God & the powers of Man
working hand in hand toward the better good
advancing the development of the Mind
Keeping the eyes focused on the ultimate goal
– inner peace must come first –