What’s To Become of Us

I’m a stone’s throw from the belly of hell
From birth we begin the dying of flesh & bone
Some lives are shortened by incurable ills
Some walk the plank to a watery grave
Some are destined to bleed, internally rotten
Enthusiastically facing the future, some live long
one day at a time, taking both good & bad in stride
Some learn, some cling to stupidity

Chapter, Line & Verse

What is & what’s not share the same happy-medium
between what-is & what could-be
Prophets & soothsayers talk & talk
to the same god to soothe & sedate

I walk the path before me
with a healthy respect for the past
We’re all travelers learning as we go
accruing or discarding as we please

Sometimes you must divine the last chapter first
to see where you expect to go to get there

Problem Solving

I was raised to eat everything on my plate
– like it or not –
I see life in much the same way
– accepting of good or bad alike –

Altering situations to suit my tastes
I seized custody of my mind
a problem child, healing at a gingerly pace
reaching guided conclusions studied at length
in a departure from the norm
– a body of truth proven in action –
My agnostic thinking converted to belief
in God & the powers of Man
working hand in hand toward the better good
advancing the development of the Mind
Keeping the eyes focused on the ultimate goal
– inner peace must come first –