The Grand Deception

I’m on the virtual critical list
zeal tampering with my wit & will
attending to business with my usual flair

Bring on your best challenges to life & limb
but meet me halfway between Heaven & Hell
on the cusp of marginal success

I don’t give a flying fig for excitement
living life on an even keel
with my hands steady on the spinning wheel


Come Another Moody Monday

I sit silently biding time by the River
reviewing immaterial lies of omission
essential components of life’s many mysteries

Perplexed & inattentive
focused on my role as Miss Adventure
the outside world goes on & on
with the River’s flow key to our arrival
on the scene with a cosmic thread for guidance
thru the dark passages that lie within

Cross the divide between theory & wild speculation
pondering the capabilities of conjoined minds thinking alike
treading the route favored by genius gone before


The Best Is Yet to Come

Yesterday is as long a time as history,
the future begs for attention, in what we do & say…
Meanwhile, my needs are met for today

And it is with wonder I await tomorrow
with its universal sway of emotion,
moving the immovable into action
getting into the ‘swing of things’
avoiding redundant behaviors
where it comes to measuring progress,
evading ‘normalcy’ gone wrong,
weighing the damages of inaction
while individualistically striving for excellence
with a positive demeanor to stand on
conforming to the image of ‘heroes’,
‘gods’ , if I may aptly say,
as champions  of change for-the-better


Inside Laugh-Track

Words unravel… thoughts in play
committed to the empty page,
filling in the blanks
of yesterdays gone by

Moments of hesitation
relishing the best of times,
guilty pleasures predominant
among my escapades

Overly antagonistic met with the sadistic
filling in the hole he dug for me,
planting roots in greener pastures
among the blooming daffodils