Once Bound

The shaky ground underfoot is shifting
adrift for an easy ride into the ever-changing future
unhindered by trial & error upchucking over the past
incorporating changes into one’s mental composition
– examples of tastes acquired after sampling options –
& availing oneself of the fruits & benefits of Eden,
uncorrupted by what’s hidden behind
those closed & bolted doors


Two Faces Have I

Muttering obscenities under my breath
I face oncoming death among evidence to the contrary,
holding life high on a pedestal built up from scratch
on the bruises of youth petitioning for relief from grief
finding my voice in the arts at university,
then losing my mind to the fates
debating loss of face
in the grey area of the brain


Liar, Liar

Practiced in the art of forgiveness
relentless in my pursuits –
Mentally & emotionally counterbalanced
my thoughts take on a life all their own –

Have grown as a poet over the years
and still I have my controlling fears
tucked away in my pocket –

There’s a case on the docket
yet to be aired before an adoring public
a broken promise of long ago –