Playin’ fer Cash

Slow down on approach to tomorrow’s troubles
eyeing intensely rear view mirrors
leaving towns undefended newly explored
life there unadorned,
mission bell ringing-up a group parlay
the best-of-the-beasts plans understood in mood
pack your bags, got this-thing on the move
none too soon, baying
“move over little dog – there’s a big dog movin’ in”

[Quote: George Thorogood & The Destroyers]

To The Good Doctors / Of Devils v. Angels

[ Disclaimer:  this poem is not speaking ‘of’ DAN as a fallen angel – May he rest-in-peace!!
I merely chose His words to express My feelings of misgiving on personal loss ❤ ]


Not being one to call a scapegoat, rather one patsy –
defined as ‘a person easily imposed upon or victimized’.
To wit, I think one-hit-wonder, albeit a dash-n-run blunder,
with his ‘saying’, “All you had to do was wait…”
to which I give a reply, “What for, I must implore?
You’re done riding my mind piggy-back all these many years gone by –
eavesdropping so as not to miss a bit of the monologue
without benefit of welcome, nor invitation.”

[I’m in need of your assistance today, Dan – Sing Me once more]


Proudly, Wear Each, Your Badge of Courage

Indisposed characterization,
devils faulted, playing a nonsense blame-game,
stripped of their sense of self-respect
in the eye of these, the Beholders

Impaired self-importance, impugned, with
fame called into question, disputed & unclear,
beyond the early years –
solo a no-go overinflated ego,
His part played out in one night
fated, jaded, out of sync –
misgiven over-exposure nipped in the bud,
the dawn just begun

Wearing each, our badge of courage,
my solitary journey has reached Destination
each ‘one’ now a part of the ‘whole’
in sync with ‘The One & Only’ GOD


Until I emerge smelling fragrant as a rose…

You’ll rue this day I finally say “You’re not here in my heart”
You been into shinin’ me on – so long, punishing me,
“I’ll be gone tomorrow”…

So long, adios – you been wrong about my role,
“All you had to do was wait!” I now heard you to say,
fully addressed as an impossibility, a hard lesson in Life –

It was never meant as a match made in Heaven,
rather my entrance into your private Hell
until such time as I could hold a candle in the dark
and see you for whom you truly are…
a castoff set adrift in a storm of resolve


Yes You – Hateful, Hateful, Elemental Man

You laid a finger on every disadvantage
– victimized me, distanced from truth
– pawed me, then yawned, incontinent
– cross the divide, then still dare call yourself ‘god’
It’s time now, your turn to sit & listen to your sins


Let the Wounds Heal

Sweat was beading on my forehead,
complexion turned lily-white,
thinking only…
has my God forsaken me,
this man cannot be the one
meant to walk beside me
from here unto eternity,
for we are woven differently,
where subjects vary widely,
and lines don’t intersect
… the long & short of it …
… we must accept forgiveness …
… letting past wounds heal …
… and face the Future rich before us …
no regrets