Sing-a-Song Beat

Live a lot ‘n Love a lot
Live a lot ‘n Love a lot
Give it all you got

You can’t blame a gal for tryin’
to lay claim to one’s sanity
when the past comes a-callin’
layin’ blame on uncertainty

The present finds me contented
with love aplenty & then some to spare
showering gratitude far & wide

The Quest: For Peace

Genius never sleeps
It takes a rest from all the ignorance
surrounding inner strength
with shield & armament
for fighting for good cause
where peace is at a minimum
for the common man

God shapes the mind of Man
to fit the profile
visions of scavengers for freedom
wandering in our midst
and all the bits & pieces of breaking hearts
studying experience for all it has to teach

The cemetery is full of broke-down bodies
mausoleum & wax museum house the sane
for insanity is the best way to pass time
as bodies in the morgue wait for dissection

Unconditional surrender
– nothing less will ever do –
as applied to everyday happenstance

Working Days – Warring Days

Following the proper chain of command
… in olden times …
was rarely my cup of tea
I’d go directly overhead at my discretion
overlooking the middle man
… between me & satisfaction …
under the protection of insanity’s handicap
when my sanity was calling the shots

Ordinary Madness

Tension mounts amid
a bitter stream of consciousness
more foul than your mouth –
I’ve had time enough to grieve for me

I’m taking your bull to the burial ground
somewhere in the back woods of my mind
where I scoffed at death time & again
once again beating the odds of survival
in a mixed-up, jumbled-up history of my world

As a Matter of Fact

Your love is the best experience I’ve known
holding my hand thru the good & the bad
or only a phone call away
You raise my spirits to new heights
when things don’t go according to a plan
no matter how low the blow to my ego

You offered shelter from the big, bad world
snatching me up from the clutches of Hell
digesting the remains of bad company
and bringing sanity back into my life
when I needed it most
satisfaction guaranteed